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4 Summer Hearing Aid Care Tips

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Taking care of your hearing aids isn’t a complex process – but it is an important one – especially in the summer, when you need to worry about how heat and sweat can affect the device. Though you might want to speak with an audiologist about the best ways to maintain your devices, it’s not going to be as complicated as you may think.

With a few summer hearing aid care tips, keeping your devices in optimal shape is simple and effective!

Use Covers

If you have behind-the-ear hearing aids, looking after them can be quite simple. While there are various options on offer, these protect your hearing aids from sweat, dirt and dust. They can also be helpful with making sure the aids don’t fall out.

Sleeves are also an option if you’d prefer not to take that approach, with these offering much of the same benefits. These shouldn’t affect your hearing quality when they’re being used.

Both of the above are typically made out of nylon or spandex – or even a combination of both – making them comfortable to wear.

Leave Battery Doors Open

Batteries are known to get relatively hot with continued use, especially with the warmer weather. You’ll need to let them cool down as quickly as possible. To do so, leave the battery compartment door open when you’re not using it.

Doing this has the added benefit of ensuring there’s no condensation build up, which damages the hearing aids. Make sure you leave the hearing aids in a cool, dry place when you’re doing this, as you wouldn’t want any dirt or moisture to affect it during the night.

Remove Any Build-Up

With the warmer weather, everyone’s likely to sweat a little more. That can be a bad thing for your hearing aids, as moisture and heat can cause more debris to form on your devices.

Use Clips to Keep Them Secure

During the summer, there’s a decent chance you can be involved in various physical activities, such as sports. You’ll need to make sure your hearing aids are secure when you’re doing so. Using specifically designed clips for this can be highly recommended.

As far as hearing aid accessories go, these are some of the more commonly used and come in various styles, although they’re typically used with behind-the-ear hearing aids. Lanyard-like devices, these attach to your hearing aids and either your clothes or your glasses.

While the chances of them falling out is low, they won’t get too far if they do.

Figuring out how to take care of your hearing aids during the summer can seem complicated, but it’s far from it. With a few summer hearing aid care tips, it’ll be simple and straightforward. What’s stopping you from making sure your hearing aids are in working order?


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