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“Laurel” versus “Yanny” went viral this week and has stirred a national debate about why people hear a computer-generated voice differently. If you haven’t heard the audio clip, some people hear the word “Laurel” while others hear “Yanny.” The clip is timely because May just happens to be “Better Hearing and Speech Month.” So, let’s dig into why people hear

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There is a lot of debate surrounding hearing aids for people with hearing loss. Some people swear by them, while others say that it can be overwhelming to adjust to hearing all those lost sounds again. So, do hearing aids help hearing loss? With the help of a trained audiologist, hearing aids will provide a quality of life improvement. Types

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We can all experience a slight blunting of our senses from time to time. Having a cold during this time of year can impair your ability to smell and taste as you would usually; and aging can impair your ability to react to and feel certain sensations, for example. Another issue that might arise as we grow older, but which

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Tinnitus, which is commonly known as ringing of the ears is the awareness of sound from within the ear and not an external source. There are different types of sounds for those who have tinnitus such as a hiss, ring, buzz, whistling or even a roaring. The sounds of tinnitus are also known as phantom sounds. It often occurs with

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You ask the same question every day, what is the weather today? The answer determines what you will wear if you need an umbrella or even if the activity you had planned will need to be rescheduled or not. But very few ask the same question to take precautionary measures for the sake of their hearing.  Wind Unless you are

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When people first experience hearing loss, they’re eager to know whether their hearing function can be regained. In most cases, the cause of your hearing loss will determine what treatment is appropriate and whether you can regain your natural hearing function.  In order to assess the extent of your hearing loss and the cause of the issue, your audiologist will

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Deciding to trust a new hearing health professional with your hearing needs is a big deal, so it’s vital that you get it right. You should be able to feel secure and happy with the person that you are putting your trust in for your hearing health. This means that you should be vigilant when researching the best hearing health

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Approximately 30 million Americans experience hearing loss in both ears but many of us are unfamiliar with common symptoms associated with the problem. Obtaining treatment from a reputable audiologist can help to combat hearing problems, so it’s important to seek advice at the first signs of hearing loss.  To ensure you recognize hearing loss as soon as it becomes apparent,

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It is not uncommon for people to develop hearing loss and be entirely unaware of this fact. Hearing loss often remains hidden for several years; in fact, it can take up to 10 years for a person to seek help for hearing loss, and it has been estimated that up to 85% of cases of hearing loss are untreated.  However,

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Oceanside resident Amber Henry has long known the reality of the Sound of Silence, not through Simon and Garfunkel’s hit but through degenerative hearing loss. In elementary school she failed a hearing test, was sent to an audiologist and learned she was hard of hearing. Fitted for hearing aids at age nine, she outgrew them in middle school and never

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