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Audiologists are primarily associated with the treatment of hearing loss, hearing aid fitting and management. However, while it is true that audiologists do manage hearing health, the number of conditions and the ways in which they can help you are far more expansive – as we have outlined in more detail below.  Hearing health concerns  Audiologists can help with all

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Hearing devices can be complicated little pieces of technology. Knowing if the problem is that of maintenance or repair can be tricky. We are going to look at some of the signs that your hearing aid needs repairs and just what is causing the issue. Silence Although this should go without saying if you are getting little to no sound

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Dr. Illich attended the Disney Business Institute and Inaugural "Your Hearing Network" Convention in Orlando, Florida. The convention was attended by 300 of the top audiologists in this country. Dr. Illich noted that "advanced device technology is changing at light speed. It's been exciting learning this with my colleagues in Orlando." 

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When you need advice and support with your hearing, your hearing health professional is there for you. They can talk you through everything to do with your internal and external hearing structure, and they can test your hearing for any losses. The question is when you should see yours? There are a lot of hearing issues that you should look

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Is there a persistent ringing in your ears? If it’s been there for more than a week, then the chances are you have tinnitus . Don’t worry; this is a common hearing issue that affects most people at some point in life. Visit your audiologist to get the problem checked out, and they’ll tell you what needs to be done

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In our everyday life, we hear a wide range of sounds – from traffic outside of our homes to conversations and the radio. These sounds tend to be at safe levels that won’t damage our hearing in the long term. But there are certain sounds which can be harmful when they are simply too loud – no matter if it’s

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A just-released Harris Poll survey on the hard-rocking Woodstock Generation has some important messages about hearing health that can benefit people of all ages. Dr. David Illich, Au.D. of Professional Hearing Associates, Inc. in Escondido, Oceanside, and Poway says the new study findings demonstrate the far-reaching consequences of loud music listening on hearing health. “Fifty years ago, many believed that

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Did you know that every day, four million individuals go to work in an environment that is filled with damaging noise? This is something that has been published by the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH). Statistics revealed that 22 million Americans are exposed to damaging workplace noise per annum. Furthermore, they stated that a minimum of ten

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There are thousands of different health conditions that are almost entirely unknown to the population as a whole, with only those who experience these little-known conditions being familiar with them. In contrast, there are some conditions that are incredibly well-known, and that even those who have never directly experienced the condition will be at least somewhat familiar with. Hearing loss

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Some people feel naturally deterred from seeking out a hearing test . That’s understandable. If they aren’t aware of how non-invasive, painless, and safe hearing tests are, they might have some wrong ideas about it. Some are simply worried about what a test might uncover and what impact it may have on their life. Others, however, are operating off of

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