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For those born with the gift of hearing, being able to hear is a seemingly inherent part of life. You expect it to stay at a functional and reliable level. If one day it should begin to diminish, you may wonder whether you should take action. Should you be one of the multitudes experiencing hearing loss, know that a qualified

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If your hearing has been getting worse in recent days or weeks, then you might be thinking about going to visit an audiologist. This is certainly going to be your first port of call, and it’s something that you are going to want to think about if you are keen to make sure you take good care of your hearing

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When you think of a hearing aid, do you picture a device that looks like a headset? Maybe something more traditional and discreet? More importantly, what is your favorite style of hearing aid? It's essential to choose the right hearing aid for your needs. Here are four frequently asked questions about different kinds of hearing aids so that you can

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Tinnitus is a condition people most often experience as a form of ‘ringing’ in the ears, but it can also present as a ‘humming’ or ‘rushing of air’, amongst other sounds. It can be experienced in one or both ears, and can also sometimes only be experienced at certain times throughout the day.  As a hearing condition, it can often

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Concerts are a great way to enjoy live music and have fun with friends, but they can be dangerous for your ears if you don't take precautions! What Is Noise-Induced Hearing Loss? Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is hearing damage that occurs when you expose your ears to loud sounds over an extended period. The risk for noise-induced hearing loss increases

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Tinnitus, which is commonly known as ringing of the ears is the awareness of sound from within the ear and not an external source. There are different types of sounds for those who have tinnitus such as a hiss, ring, buzz, whistling or even a roaring. The sounds of tinnitus are also known as phantom sounds. It often occurs with

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If you think that you are experiencing hearing loss or know that you are, it might be time to start searching for help. Seeking treatment for hearing loss can have several benefits for an individual, and we'll look at some of them in this article. Here are the top reasons you should seek treatment for hearing loss. Get help early on

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The best features of hearing devices come down to the needs of the individual. What is most important for one person may not be as important for someone else. Many things contribute to selecting a suitable hearing device, and we will explore some in this post. 1. Channels Your hearing aid will likely have between one and eight channels. The

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Have you started to notice any recent changes in your hearing? A lot of people start to notice the signs of hearing loss creeping up on them, but they do not do anything about it because they don't want to face the possibility that they may need a hearing aid. While we know that this can be at least a little

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Just like anything that’s unexpected, there can be a little fear and apprehension that comes with it. However, a hearing aid fitting is nothing to be worried about but there are a few things to expect. These tips will ensure that when it comes to your hearing aid fitting , you’re getting the most out of the experience to get

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