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Women have some advantages over men from a health standpoint. In fact, females live, on average, five years longer than men - but how do the two sexes stack up in terms of hearing? A study carried out by Johns Hopkins showed men are more than five times more likely to develop hearing loss relative to women. Why are men

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Once you've invested in a hearing aid , caring for it properly will save you time and money on repairs. Keeping it clean will help prolong its life and keep the sound quality at its best. Any dirt, debris or film on the internal parts reduces sound transmission, so you don't get the full benefits of this small, but sophisticated,

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Snoring is a common problem (and often an annoyance for bed partners), but the unharmonious sounds made by a snorer are more than just an aggravation. Some research shows people who sleep in the same bed as those who snore may be at higher risk for hearing loss themselves. As part of a study, researchers did two types of hearing

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