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If your audiologist recommends a hearing aid to improve your hearing level, then it’s perfectly normal to have some questions. Remember, audiologists are experts in this area and can walk you through any part of the hearing aid process! Here are some of the main questions you should ask about hearing aids .  Which Type of Hearing Aid Is the

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Hearing loss can occur suddenly if you are exposed to a loud sound or a bang. It can also happen gradually over time, as is often the case with age-related hearing loss. The ability to understand hearing loss is an important first step toward taking action. What is hearing loss? Hearing loss means that you are no longer able to

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You ask the same question every day, what is the weather today? The answer determines what you will wear if you need an umbrella or even if the activity you had planned will need to be rescheduled or not. But very few ask the same question to take precautionary measures for the sake of their hearing.  Wind Unless you are

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Age, genetics and ear injuries are among the most common causes of hearing loss. Your audiologist can assist you with accurately identifying any symptoms that may present. According to the National Institute of Hearing Impairment and Other Communication Disorders, approximately one in eight Americans experience hearing loss. However, there are three types of hearing loss that are most common: age,

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The massive evolvement in hearing aid technology today has led to increased acceptance of in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aid style among people of all ages.  This has resulted from the following advantages associated with this hearing aid style:  ITC hearing aids are small in size hence able to offer a high degree of privacy. It's possible to use them with other

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As you get older, it's important to make decisions to improve your quality of life, and one of the best ways of doing this is to ensure you maintain your hearing health. People can experience hearing loss for many reasons, and factors like noise exposure and aging can play a part in this. The important thing to remember is that

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Occasionally, the question comes up as to whether you need custom earplugs . In a nutshell - not necessarily. But it all depends on the level of hearing protection you require and whether a custom-fit will make you more likely to wear them.  Custom earplugs are simply earplugs manufactured to conform to the precise shape of your inner ear. They

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When you wear a hearing aid each and every day, it is easy to tell when something has gone awry with the device. Hearing aids are comprised of tiny wires, tubes, batteries and plastic casing to hold everything together – so it’s no surprise that, on occasion, these tiny technologies can become worn or impaired. If you are a hearing

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When it comes to taking care of your behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids, you need to know how to clean them with care so that they don't break or fall apart. Cleaning your hearing aids doesn't have to be difficult, not when you have an audiologist on your side who can talk you through how to do it properly. You want

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When it comes to choosing hearing aids , the features that are included very much depend on the model of hearing aids that you have chosen. Your audiologist will work closely with you to help you to choose a hearing aid that suits your needs, but they will also ask you what kind of features you'd be looking for in hearing

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