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Do you need hearing aid repairs ? It’s easy to forget but these devices are quite vulnerable to damage. That’s an issue, particularly when you consider that modern designs are about as complex as miniature computers. One of the questions you will need to consider is whether you can complete repairs yourself or if you will need the help of

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People with hearing loss are regularly encouraged to attend hearing aid fittings. A hearing aid fitting is a process in which a hearing health professional helps you to select and set up a hearing aid . But what exactly happens during these sessions? And how do audiologists fit assistive hearing devices? Let’s look: You’ll discuss different styles and technologies Hearing

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It is not uncommon for people to develop hearing loss and be entirely unaware of this fact. Hearing loss often remains hidden for several years; in fact, it can take up to 10 years for a person to seek help for hearing loss, and it has been estimated that up to 85% of cases of hearing loss are untreated.  However,

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It’s easy to not think about your hearing health before you notice that something could be wrong with it. As long as everything is working as expected, why would you be concerned? However, there are still plenty of reasons to make an appointment with your audiologist to arrange your hearing test , even if you think your hearing is completely

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When it comes to matters as important as your hearing health, you need to make sure you are looking for a professional audiologist with not only the required experience and qualifications but also the right qualities too. For all hearing matters, you should be seeking an audiologist. But, what sort of qualities should an audiologist have? Read on to discover

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Oceanside resident Amber Henry has long known the reality of the Sound of Silence, not through Simon and Garfunkel’s hit but through degenerative hearing loss. In elementary school she failed a hearing test, was sent to an audiologist and learned she was hard of hearing. Fitted for hearing aids at age nine, she outgrew them in middle school and never

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When choosing a hearing aid , one of the most important decisions you will make is regarding the style of hearing aid that you select.  In this piece, we'll provide an in-depth overview of the three most common styles: behind the ear (BTE), in the ear (ITE) and in the canal (ITC), as well as information regarding how each style

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Despite proper maintenance, sometimes our hearing aids need that professional touch. There are specific issues that can occur with your hearing device that will require your audiologist . We are going to look at today at a few of these issues and what to listen out for. Feedback Issues As many of us know, feedback issues with a hearing device

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Audiologists play a role in managing hearing health , especially for those who have been diagnosed with hearing loss. It’s important to ensure you find an audiologist who offers the qualities associated with the best in the profession, such as: Excellent communication skills As a patient, you need your audiologist to be able to convey all relevant information to you

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If you have a close friend or a family member who is showing signs of hearing loss, an audiologist may advise them to consider using hearing aids. Hearing aids are innovative devices, which improve hearing by amplifying sounds. There are several different types of hearing aid available , so it’s wise to explore different options and weigh up the pros

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