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It is widely known that when sound reaches a certain level, it can be harmful to hearing. Eight-five decibels is the safe threshold; noise over this level has the potential to over time, cause hearing loss. To prevent against this, those who are regularly exposed to loud noise must use ear protection to help guard the health of their hearing. 

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A hearing test is what you need if you feel as if your hearing is getting gradually worse. The key is to limit the damage before it escalates and causes future problems. The types of hearing tests differ depending on your conditions and what the audiologist believes to be the necessary steps to work out the extent of the issue.

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When you experience difficulties with your auditory system , you may be unsure what kind of professional you need to see. An audiologist is an expert in all aspects of health care related to the ear and, in particular, hearing. To find out more about the individual conditions an audiologist can assist with, read on:  Hearing loss  There are several

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There are a lot of misconceptions about hearing aid fittings. A lot of people assume that these are quick appointments where the audiologist simply makes sure that the device will stay inside of the ear. However, this is not the case, as most appointments will last at least one hour depending on what kind of questions you have. You will

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Many people who are diagnosed with hearing loss are prepared for the diagnosis, often because they have noticed symptoms of the condition and are simply seeking official confirmation from their audiologist. You suspected you had hearing loss, you made an appointment with an audiologist, and now the diagnosis has been confirmed; the process seems to be complete. However, diagnosis may

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If you’ve ever experienced a ringing in your ears, whether intermittent or constant, you may have tinnitus. This condition can be caused by a number of factors, and while a cure isn’t currently available, there are several remedies for it. While many instances of tinnitus will resolve within 24-48 hours, if your condition remains or becomes more persistent, it’s time

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Dr. David Illich and Jodi Berg represented Tri-City Medical Center at the annual Oceanside Senior Day Fair.

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For most people, hearing loss is a condition that affects one aspect of life; the ability to hear. However, newly emerging evidence has found that there may be a connection between hearing loss to dementia and cognitive decline. The evidence  People with untreated mild hearing loss are almost twice as likely to develop dementia than those with normal hearing; with

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If you have recently been diagnosed with hearing loss , your thoughts will immediately turn to selecting your hearing aids. Wanting the best hearing aid for your hearing loss is natural, but there are many things to consider when making this decision. Unfortunately, there is no singular best hearing aid that is the perfect fit for everyone. Everyone will have

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