When it comes to choosing hearing aids, the features that are included very much depend on the model of hearing aids that you have chosen. Your audiologist will work closely with you to help you to choose a hearing aid that suits your needs, but they will also ask you what kind of features you'd be looking for in hearing aids so that you can get the best possible result for your hearing. There are a variety of styles out there when it comes to the hearing aid market, which means that it can be tough to know which hearing aid model to choose and which features you should consider. Below, we've got some questions for you to answer so that you can be sure you are making the correct choices.

What kind of batteries?

Some hearing aids are more convenient when they have batteries that can be changed rather than the rechargeable hearing aids that require you to charge them up. You can add an extra packet of batteries to the car or to your bag so that you're not left without the ability to hear. For some people, the rechargeable options are better because there's no need to keep replacing the batteries.

How are your hands?

Depending on age and ability, some hearing aids may be a little difficult to manage. If you have issues with dexterity, your audiologist will be able to point you in the right direction of hearing aids that will be easy to handle. The last thing that you want is to fumble your fingers while trying to change the hearing aid battery. With any dexterity issues, it may be easier to have hearing aids that are USB or charging port rechargeable so that you're not having to take off the door to the battery and change it over.

Are you social?

When you plan to spend a lot of time out and about with friends and family, you should plan to have hearing aids that have directional microphones. In busy, noisy situations, these hearing aids are the ones that will help you to hear everyone around you. It can also help you to decipher the conversations around you even with noise going on around you.

How severe is your hearing loss?

The type of features that you select for your hearing aids will also very much depend on the type of hearing loss you have. The more severe your hearing loss, the more complex the hearing aids need to be. Your audiologist will be able to talk you through which hearing devices will suit your current hearing loss levels, and your hearing test will determine the depth of your hearing loss, too.

Do you need it to link to technology?

Many different hearing aids are able to connect to your smartphone and other technology, and if you use technology every day, you may want to pair your hearing aids to your car or your tablet to be able to communicate with others. You could make adjustments to your hearing aids with the right technology apps, too!