Welcome to Our Practice

We treat each and every patient like a member of our own family. Our award winning team’s expertise, follow-up care and stability are aimed at making your long term investment an enjoyable experience. Voted 2 years in a row San Diego’s top Audiologist.



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Welcome To Our Practice

Since 1984, PHA has been dedicated to providing San Diego’s North County with the best hearing healthcare possible in a personal, caring atmosphere. As the preferred provider of diagnostic audiology and hearing services for our local hospitals, clinics, and schools, we pride ourselves on personalizing our services for the specific needs of each patient.

Quality Patient Care Is Our Priority

Everyone has different needs when it comes to hearing care. We offer a complete selection of hearing care services to better meet our patients needs. Our knowledgeagle Hearing Healthcare Providers can help you determine if you have hearing loss, and what solutions are best suited for your needs.

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Better Hearing Starts with Our Online Hearing Survey

Our online survey can help you decide if you can benefit from our hearing care services


Education is the key to better hearing healthcare

Download our Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids and make informed decisions on the purchase of your next hearing aid device!

Identifying, Preventing, and Treating Hearing Loss With Palomar Health

Early Detection and Intervention can be life-changing.


“Staying connected to our family, our friends and each other is important to us, and hearing well helps us do just that.”

Mary Karsig, Valued Patient

The Latest In Hearing Technology

Hearing aid technology has dramatically improved over the last few years. Hearing aids are now not only comfortable, but barely detectable when in the ear. We offer a wide selection of the latest hearing technology; for example, we offer the world’s only invisible hearing aid, hearing aids made with musicians in mind, Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids, and many more innovative options.

Offering A Complete Hearing Aid Selection

Be sure to check out our Hearing Aids page for our complete selection. Start hearing what you have been missing. And visit our Hearing Satisfaction page and read about what factors to take note of and what to discuss with your audiologist when deciding if hearing aids are right for you.


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Understanding Our Patients Needs

Hearing loss may be difficult to accept, and many people do not know where to begin in their journey to better hearing. Our doctors take great pride in staying as up-to-date in technology and clinical practice as possible. What is equally important to us is understanding the needs of each patient. The journey of the patient and their doctor is a long one, and it is critically important to understand our patient as an individual, then to provide them with amazing long-term care for their investment.



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