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“Laurel” versus “Yanny” went viral this week and has stirred a national debate about why people hear a computer-generated voice differently. If you haven’t heard the audio clip, some people hear the word “Laurel” while others hear “Yanny.” The clip is timely because May just happens to be “Better Hearing and Speech Month.” So, let’s dig into why people hear

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Wearing a new hearing aid for the first time is an important part of your hearing health journey. Having an audiologist there to guide you through it can ensure you get it off to the right foot. As such, here are a few things you should know about your hearing aid fitting. Your Audiologist Will Make Sure Your Hearing Aids

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Taking care of your hearing aids isn’t a complex process – but it is an important one – especially in the summer, when you need to worry about how heat and sweat can affect the device. Though you might want to speak with an audiologist about the best ways to maintain your devices, it’s not going to be as complicated

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A successful hearing aid fitting isn't just about finding the ideal hearing aid for you. The hearing aid should be properly fitted to provide you with the right sound amplification to maximize your hearing aid benefits. Hearing can be personal and subjective since what appears too loud for you may not be the same for another person. While it is

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When you take the leap to get hearing aids, you probably have a number of questions running through your mind. It is important to air your queries to a reputable audiologist that you trust, so that you can make the best possible decisions for yourself. When you attend regular appointments, your audiologist will be able to assess your hearing and

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There is a lot of debate surrounding hearing aids for people with hearing loss. Some people swear by them, while others say that it can be overwhelming to adjust to hearing all those lost sounds again. So, do hearing aids help hearing loss? With the help of a trained audiologist, hearing aids will provide a quality of life improvement. Types

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We can all experience a slight blunting of our senses from time to time. Having a cold during this time of year can impair your ability to smell and taste as you would usually; and aging can impair your ability to react to and feel certain sensations, for example. Another issue that might arise as we grow older, but which

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When you go in for your hearing aid fitting , you will likely be given a lot of information and instruction. It can be extensive, but it is also very important. Here are the top things you will learn at your fitting. How to Use Your Hearing Aids This is probably the most important thing you will learn at your

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Tinnitus and hearing loss are common conditions that people experience. Research shows that 15% of Americans have tinnitus, while nearly 16% report hearing troubles. Is there a link between hearing loss and tinnitus? Let’s take a closer look at how tinnitus and hearing loss interact.   What Are Hearing Loss and Tinnitus?  Hearing loss, deafness or hearing impairment is the

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Millions of people experience hearing loss, with more and more people being impacted by it every year. Naturally, this means quite a few people will need to start thinking about hearing aids. Not many people know much about them, however. While talking to an audiologist can be helpful, you still might want to do some research yourself. If you don’t

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