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Dr. Illich, with Palomar Hospital on Diabetes awareness month.

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Patient Testimonials

I have trusted my patients to Professional Hearing Associates for more than 25 years. They have provided my patients with the highest quality hearing health care and technology at very reasonable prices with amazing follow-up care.

Marvin M. Kripps, M.D. (ENT) Escondido, CA

The staff at Professional Hearing Associates consistently gave excellent and prompt care to my patients. I referred my patients to them for over 25 years until I retired, and would continue to do so if I were still in practice.

George Sachs, M.D. (Otolaryngologist) Poway, CA

For the last 23 years, PHA has treated my hearing with the best technology and a family like relationship. Being in the music industry, a skydiver, and a father of three, having a hearing loss is not ideal. But with the help of Dr. Illich, I have excelled throughout life. Thanks a million!

Joel Kiesel

I have worn a number of different hearing devices, and the ones I am wearing now are the clearest and most effective I have ever had. Overall my experiences with PHA have exceeded my expectations.

Judd Goldfelder

Staying connected to our family, our friends and each other is important to us, and hearing well helps us do just that.

Mary Karsig

The care and attention I receive at PHA continues to thrill me. They provide the experience, the insight and the value I am looking for. I am a committed fan!

Laurie Shapiro

How well I hear plays an important role in my personal and professional life. The convenience and ease with which I can hear fro one situation to the next is critical to me, and with a little help, I can do the things I want to do.

Gordon Polk

Dr. Illich has provided many years of service to us with integrity and a smile. We know how important good continuing service is, when it comes to hearing, and we highly recommend him and his team!

Jeannine McCullagh