In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids are easy to adjust and can be custom made so that they are as comfortable as can be when worn for long periods of time. Despite the fact that they sit in your outer ear bowl, they are simple to put in and take out, so you won’t have to fiddle around with your hearing aid when you choose an ITE style. Read on to take a look at ITE hearing aids in more detail!

What are the Features of an ITE Hearing Aid?

The most popular ITE hearing aid styles are very small and discreet, so when you put them inside the ear, they are very hard to see. This near invisibility is likely one of the main selling points of an ITE style hearing aid, beside from the fact they are simple to use. Every component is housed in one little unit, so it’s easy as can be to keep your ITE hearing aid clean and well maintained. Most ITE hearing aids are very comfortable to wear, as they are often custom built to fit your ear precisely so that you don’t fall victim to pain or discomfort when you are wearing your hearing aid.

ITE hearing aids have so many different features too, so you can expect to change your settings to better suit your surroundings in a matter of seconds. A number of ITE hearing aid models can also be connected through wireless technology to various devices, including smartphones and television sets, so you can hear your favorite shows, songs and more in high definition with no annoying background noises.

What are the Main Advantages and Disadvantages?

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of in-the-ear hearing aid that you should be aware of:


  • One of the most discreet hearing aid styles available on the market today.
  • Easy to use with simple settings and controls
  • Comfortable to wear due to custom made pieces that mold to your unique ear shape and size.
  • Connect wirelessly for clear listening for televisions and smartphones.


  • Need to be cleaned thoroughly and often to avoid wax build up
  • May increase your risk of falling victim to ear infections
  • Can fall victim to wind noise in open spaces

What Kind of Hearing Loss Is an ITE Hearing Aid Best Suited for?

ITE hearing aids are best suited for those who experience mild-to-moderate hearing loss. These devices have a long battery life so are good for users who want to keep their hearing aid on all day without having to worry about falling victim to poor battery levels. ITE hearing aids are less visible when compared with a style such as behind the ear (BTE), so can be great for those wanting a hidden hearing aid style that isn’t particularly obvious when worn.

Always consult your expert audiologist whenever you are choosing your hearing aid, as they can help you to make the right decision for your needs.

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