The massive evolvement in hearing aid technology today has led to increased acceptance of in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aid style among people of all ages. 

This has resulted from the following advantages associated with this hearing aid style: 

  • ITC hearing aids are small in size hence able to offer a high degree of privacy.
  • It's possible to use them with other devices such as telephone and headsets as they do not obstruct the ear's bowl. 
  • They are cosmetically appealing and custom made to blend with your skin color. 
  • ITC hearing aids accommodate additional features such as microphones and volume controls. 

In-the-canal hearing aid is a battery-powered electronic device that's custom-made to fit your specific ear. It's composed of a microphone, an amplifier and a receiver that work hand in hand to improve your hearing. 

These hearing aids are ideal for people experiencing mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

How They Work

In-the-canal hearing aids lie on the lower portion of the outer ear bowl, where they receive sound through a microphone which also converts it to an electrical signal. The signs go to an amplifier which increases its power and redirects it to the ear via a speaker. 

They Offer a Secure Fit

ITC hearing aids are customized to fit in the lower portion of the outer ear. Moreover, they have a large surface area that prevents them from loosening when moving or talking. The vast surface area also makes these devices less prone to the whistling noise familiar with other hearing aids. 

They Have Magnificent Features

These hearing aids have fantastic features ranging from a dual microphone, volume controls and a wireless connectivity feature. Because of these additional features, ITC hearing aids seem to have clear sounds and can easily connect with other devices such as the phone. 

They Are Easy to Insert and Remove

ITC hearing aids provide an optional extraction cord for people struggling with dexterity. This cord eases the removal and fitting process of the hearing aid. 

Offer Privacy

These are the best option for teenagers who disguise visible hearing aids. Their small size makes it hard to notice them when inserted into the outer ear. 

Are ITC Hearing Aids What You Need?

Before you decide, be informed that there are other styles of hearing aids besides the ITC devices. The behind-the-ear and inside-the-ear rank as the other commonly used devices in treating hearing loss. Behind-the-ear hearing aid is ideal for people of all ages experiencing any level of hearing loss. They are fitted behind the ear and connected via a tube to an ear mold located inside the ear canal. 

On the other hand, inside-the-ear hearing aids are customized to fit within the ear's outer portion and treat mild-to-severe hearing loss. Besides these two, there are also the invisible-in-canal and completely-in-canal types of hearing aids. 

To find out the right option for you, consult an audiologist for professional examination and guidance on the way forward.